May. 31st, 2010

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i had this dream that i was at some big anime/video game convention thing with [ profile] icanhaspancake (which is weird in itself because i don't know what she looks like, but i KNEW it was her somehow, i guess).

we're kind of off to ourselves, because she's not into big crowds, and she's telling me about all the different anime i need to watch and we squee over shipping possibilities and out of the corner of my eye, i spot rupert grint in this little bookstore across the way (it's in a big mall or something, idk.)

anyway~ i tell sarah, and we both lose our shit appropriately for a minute, and then we decide that we should ask for his autograph. well, i decide. i just kind of make [ profile] icanhaspancake come with me.

so we get in this store, and we see rupert reading a book. we walk past him because we're so nervous that it's stupid, and he kind of notices that we don't stop, so he stops reading and watches us. anyway, we go into this cat and mouse sort of thing: we stalk him, then he stalks us.

but the freakiest part was, when i finally got up the nerve to ask him for his autograph, he was like, "no. because you took too long to ask me." O_o

so yeah, he was basically this huge jerk, which goes against everything i've ever seen or read about him and i was pretty much crushed, and [ profile] icanhaspancake was flailing because i was crushed and she didn't know what to do.

i eventually got over myself and we got ice cream and shuffled back to our little corner and talked about anime some more. and watched this epic game being played on these big monitors. it was some kind of action/adventure extravaganza called "Starkour" or something and it was being played by the creator of the game and EVERYBODY was watching and cheering and whooping like it was a sporting event.

so yeah. it was different.


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