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Jun. 29th, 2010 11:33 am
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ngl, i love the way this came out.

the latest obsession?

zoro/sanji from the anime 'one piece.'

totally blaming this on [ profile] icanhaspancake.

but i forgive her, because they're shiny and pretty and sexier than they have a right to be.

*pets them*

thank you, [ profile] icanhaspancake for letting me know that my coding was all ffffuuu'd. *smooches*
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because the last episode was so very amazing, i made icons to celebrate. \o/


just say it. )
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so i just gave up fighting it and embraced the GetBackers wonder by making lots of icons.

there are 40 in this posts. idek, i guess i was inspired.

it's a jackal! )
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new layout.


come see! it's so pretty!

i'm a little in love with it. ♥


Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:37 am
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i made a new header for my layout last night, and i really liked it. last night.

love is enough )

what do you think?
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i made this last night. i am so proud of it.
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feedback pwease?

test header for ziggymandias )
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gleeped from [ profile] calumfan...

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal. (except you totally don't.)
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

so here's mine.

we can save this world. )
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i've posted this in a few of the matthew goode communities 'round town, and i figured i might as well pimp myself on my own damn journal.

because, personally, i think my goodey moodtheme is FIERCE.

the whole damn thing.

like it? you should download it.

how? instructions by [ profile] crackified on how to install user-generated moodthemes. because she lays it out much better than I could.

let me tell you. matthew was ALL KINDS of muhfuckas while i was gathering the pictures to make this. srsly. every time i thought the man couldn't get any hotter, he would, and then i'd curse at and fap all over him. i was also reminded, unpleasantly, of why i don't make moodthemes very often; i'm one of those anal types that has to have a separate picture for each mood. feh.



May. 6th, 2009 03:42 pm
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Suzette over at put up my fanny art things of Ozymandias in the gallery.

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I've started futzing around with Photoshop again. Because Adrian Veidt really is a beautiful bastard, and I'm just hopeless for him.

and no. that 35 minutes ago line never gets old. )
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This is a bunch of randomosity.

Apparently, Rupert gets a lot of pyjamas sent to him. Interesting. I want to send him Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas now. (The clip is mostly in Dutch, but the trio's answers are in English.) ZOMG DECEMBER 12TH CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH.

My new header is kindof ginormous, now that I see it all laid out. I like it though -- it looks creamy somehow. Cutting around Ned and Chuck with the pen tool took like, elebbenty-lebben hours, but I got the result I wanted. So yay.

I'm officially addicted to Starbucks DoubleShot coffee drink. NEED MOAR.

I think I have a little crush on someone on my flist.

Paid users can edit comments now, as long as they haven't been replied to yet. How long have I been waiting for this? I don't feel like fishing through years of entries, but I know I'd asked about it many moons ago. It's about frakkin' time.

How are youse guys?


Oct. 12th, 2007 01:36 am
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* A complete stranger came up to me today to tell me that she noticed I've been losing weight and that I looked good. XD

* One of my co-workers told me that he thinks I have the nicest phone voice ever. "You always sound pleasant and articulate, and it's just very refreshing," he said. I've listened to my phone post, and I think I sound like a frog, LOL. Especially when I say SCORPIUS.

* I'm going to make an effort not to do too many GIP/GGPs, but I really REALLY like the way this came out.

dream on, dream on )


Aug. 30th, 2007 10:52 am
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Wow. I made an icon that didn't want to make me throw up. Heh.

and a header too. )


Nov. 18th, 2006 02:11 am
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People are actually downloading things from my DeviantArt gallery.

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New layout.

Yeah, I know. Cedric's supposed to be yellow. But I really wanted to do something with red blue, black and white. And I hate yellow.

Robert really and truly is love. Even though he's a crack spaz.

And a zombie.

[ profile] fmh:

"Dude, he looks like he just got bailed outta jail!"

"And here he is getting a meal at the shelter..."

I. DIE. Like a zombie.

LJ Meme thing I stoleded from [ profile] ryl...

01. Your LJ username and what it means:
You're here. You know what my username is. I made it up back in '98 when I first started using this here Intarweb. "Scholar" came about because I was in college at the time. I used "sexy" because I noticed people with that word in their name had lots of people to talk to. Me = stupid. I had no idea that the majority of those people were going to be asking me crappin' crap like, "doo U wan 2oo CYBER????!!" Anyway. That's where it came from. And holy shit, did I think I was clever back then.

02. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how well does your LJ represent who you are?
7. It's pretty much me, minus my depressed moods. Who wants to hear read that shite?

03. How much about your life do you post to LJ?
I'd say around...50%.

04. Is there anything you refuse to post about?
I don't think so. I don't post about my sex life as a general rule, but that's about it.

05. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?
-8967. They all hate my journal. People friend me because they like to laugh at me.

06. From who/how did you find out about LJ?
[ profile] dogmeat. Back when you had to have an invite code to get a LJ.

07. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?
I don't think so.

08. What proportion of your posts are friends only?
Rough estimate - 40%.

09. What is your favorite interest on LJ?

10. Has anything on LJ ever caused you to establish, rethink, or even change your position on something?

11. How often do you respond/comment on other people's journals?
As often as I like.

12. Do you prefer to write in your journal, or read other journals?

13. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed, or got into an argument/flamwar on LJ (or did it to someone else)?
Haven't done it to anyone else. Yes, a couple of years back, I did have a stalker guy. He was hot for my bodeh. YAY! Unfortunately he was LOCO EN LA CABEZA. Boo!

14. Have you ever banned someone from your journal?

15. Who are your favorite LJ friends and why?

16. How many of your LJ friends have you actually met?
12. I think.

17. Of all of the people on LJ you know of, who is the most like you?
ZOMBIES! Sike. That would be The Hubby.

18. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?
Most likely reason: because they've added me. I mostly add graphics & fics journals.

19. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?
No. I check to see if they're serial adders first. That's just goofy.

20. What is the most likely reason you wouldn't add someone to your friends list?
He/She/It was a serial adder. Or they weren't a zombie.

21. Is your "significant other" on LJ?
I'm assuming this means my heterosexual life mate. I have a lot of "significant" people in my life, but yes, my hubby is on LJ. You all know this.

22. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ?
Didn't we kind of already do this question? I meet people on LJ all the time. Sometimes, I meet people off LJ. Like zombies.
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Textures: [ profile] elli
Dark Mark sketch: [ profile] phuck @ [ profile] last5
Model: Boyd Holbrook (Model!Draco), picture from B O Y D

Work's been really slow today, so this is how I pass the time. I play with Photoshop and make stuff.

Is it bad that I find the Dark Mark sexy as hell? I'd get it as a tattoo.

For serious.

i've also made about a bazillion [5] banners. )


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