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Title: Artemis
Author: Mona ([ profile] sexyscholar)
Rating: PG
Summary: Slice-of-life fic. Luke and Reid have a dog. TRAIN? WHAT TRAIN?
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own the boys. Things wouldn't have gone so pear-shaped in my hands.
A/N: Okay, so I was supposed to be writing fluffy-ish smut, and this tumbled out instead. IDK. I wrote it in like, a half-hour. Unbeta'ed -- all f**k-ups are mine alone.

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Title: Undone
Author: Mona
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: As The World Turns
Pairing: Luke/Reid
Summary: Um. Yay, sex?
Word Count: ~2100
Warnings: Mild bondage, references to rimming, fluffishness.
Notes: Totally PWP. No really. There is no redeeming value in this. Oodles and oodles of love to [ profile] icanhaspancake for her beta skillz. You make this shit look good. ILU.

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Awww, my very first LuRe fic. *pets it*

Title: Sleepless in Oakdale
Author: Mona ([ profile] sexyscholar)
Fandom: As The World Turns
Pairing: Luke/Reid
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2000
Warnings: Um. It's not smutty? IDK.
Summary: Luke Snyder can't sleep. And it's all Dr. Reid Oliver's fault.
Notes: This cropped up in my head after seeing the sneak peek for the week of April 26th, and it would not let go. I don't own any of this. Thank you, [ profile] icanhaspancake, [ profile] jadecat and [ profile] mamalaz for your insightful, encouraging and invaluable betas. You guys are marvelous! Any remaining mistakes are all mine.

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IDK. I was reading two of my old Ron/Draco drabbles that I did for the [ profile] ficadron that I really loved and suddenly my brain just...blurted this out.

This follows Rescue Me and Kiss Away The Pain.

Title: Softening into Safety
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~395
Warning: Angst? I guess? IDK.

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Another drabble for the [ profile] ficadron dra(w)bble duel. This follows the drabble, "Rescue Me." IDK, I guess there was more story there. :p

Writing in a bit of a different style. Concrit? ♥

Title: Kiss Away the Pain
Team: Team Draco FTW
Prompt: A First Time for Everything
Rating: R
Word Count: 498 (According to Google Documents)

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My entry for round five of the dra(w)bble duel over at [ profile] ficadron. I'm really proud of this one, despite the fact that there's only a vague implication of possible sexytiems in it. :p

Title: Rescue Me
Team: Team Draco FTW
Prompt: A First Time for Everything
Rating: PG
Word Count: 484 (According to Google Documents)
Warnings: Angst, character death (not Ron or Draco)

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My entry for Round 4 of the [ profile] ficadron dra(w)bble duels. Haven't won one yet ( I keep coming reeeeeeeally close), but I still write, and they've all been pretty well-received, so I count them as personal victories. :p

Title: A Hit is Hard to Resist
Team: Team Draco FTW
Prompt: Fight! Fight! Fight!
Rating: R
Word Count: 500 (According to Google Documents)

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going commando: sulu/chekov, nc-17
by [ profile] longleggedgit & [ profile] lizardspots


coherence. i still don't have it.


Oct. 21st, 2008 02:58 pm
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So, the fic I was working on for the R/D Exchange had strayed COMPLETELY away from the recipient's tastes, so I changed tactics and stuck to what I really do best: PWP. It'll be substantially shorter, but more of what the recipient wanted in the first place. I've already got over 2000 words, so I've met that requirement, at least. :stresses:

[ profile] thrihyrne, [ profile] stuckinsea and [ profile] happyville -- are you still willing to beta it for me, BBs? :gives you puppy-dog eyes:
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I signed up for the R/D fic exchange. :facepalm:


Oct. 21st, 2007 03:22 pm
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[ profile] the_gwyllion has finished my R/D fanart commission.

Rating: PG-13

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Have you ever found yourself stymied on something you were working on?

I'm currently going through this with a fic I've been labouring over since early in the year. I loved the idea originally, but now I find it difficult to find any enthusiasm to write it. I'd written +30 pages thus far, but I just can't get excited about it anymore, and that saddens me.

Has anyone else gone through this? Did you ever get out of that funk, and if so, how?
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I don't know if you've read this one yet...

...a R/D fic* where Harry ISN'T being an intolerable arse!

The Odd Couple by [ profile] thetreacletart.

*It's fanfiction. It's R/D, which means Ron/Draco. Which means boys making whoopie with each other. There. Warn I did you.


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