Mar. 8th, 2010

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so that nickelodeon show 'big time rush' was on yesterday. GOD, it's so stupid, but it made me laugh in spite of myself. :p

furthermore, watching it rekindled the insane crush that i have on one of the kids actors on that show, kendall schmidt.

naturally i had to search for pictures, and i found one that made me flail so hard i couldn't even post about it until today.

i don't even know why i try to attempt sanity anymore; especially since my failure at it so epic.

nsfw-ish? i guess? )

i'm going to go back to working and pretending that i'm normal.
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from [ profile] ldesu:

a variant on the "marry, shag, cliff" game. this is neuter, whore, or snag. (oh my!)

here's how we play:

in a comment, you name a fandom and i give you three characters. you then tell me (in a new post or in the comments) which you'd:

neuter (castration for the men, libido lobotomy for the women)
whore (sell to others to grow rich off)
snag (for yourself, yummy yummy yummy yummy, mine mine mine)

i chose "yu yu hakusho," because i'm obsessed with it, and [ profile] ldesu gave me hiei, kurama and yusuke.

decisions, decisions )


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