Mar. 23rd, 2010

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happy birthday, [ profile] laney_jane, [ profile] starflowers and [ profile] thywillbedone!!!


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this is kind of hard to answer, because i don't consider any of my music embarrassing. :/

so i'll go with different. and that would probably be the opening and ending themes (in japanese) for ouran high school host club, a helluva lot of music from yu yu hakusho (also all in japanese) and two katamari damacy soundtracks.

lately, i've been listening to the yyh songs A LOT. particularly the song "eye to eye," which contains a bit when hiei and kurama sing together about how they can get each other. I'M NOT KIDDING.

the other is "hikari no naka de" which is just about how yusuke, hiei, kurama and kuwabara will always be together and friends and linked in their hearts and whatnot. ♥♥♥

of course i'd share. :)

ETA: i did find something that some of you silly people might call "embarrassing."

i have journey's greatest hits in my itunes library, because i fucking love journey.

and yes, i'd share that, too.
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IDK. I was reading two of my old Ron/Draco drabbles that I did for the [ profile] ficadron that I really loved and suddenly my brain just...blurted this out.

This follows Rescue Me and Kiss Away The Pain.

Title: Softening into Safety
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~395
Warning: Angst? I guess? IDK.

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