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only [ profile] icanhaspancake and i can talk about the merits of maple syrup and totally MISS the opportunity to make it sexy.



Jul. 5th, 2010 11:08 am
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after what seems like 12465646 years of us knowing each other and squeeing about it, [ profile] icanhaspancake and i are finally writing epic porn together.

jfdakjladjla i can't even.

i've pretty much wanted to write with sarah since i met her, but the timing (and pairing of the moment) just never seemed to be in sync.


we have one piece and zoro/sanji and it's a big old sandbox of kink for us to play in.


new layout

Jun. 29th, 2010 11:33 am
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ngl, i love the way this came out.

the latest obsession?

zoro/sanji from the anime 'one piece.'

totally blaming this on [ profile] icanhaspancake.

but i forgive her, because they're shiny and pretty and sexier than they have a right to be.

*pets them*

thank you, [ profile] icanhaspancake for letting me know that my coding was all ffffuuu'd. *smooches*
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today is [ profile] icanhaspancake's birthday.


omfg. i love you. so, so, SO much. you know all the reasons why.

i racked my brain trying to think of what to give you for your birthday, and I finally decided on this.

i'm new to them, so i hope i did them justice. *frets*

happy birthday, bb.

can't remember why i hated you - a zoro + sanji ep

as the moon rolls around the sea. )
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i had this dream that i was at some big anime/video game convention thing with [ profile] icanhaspancake (which is weird in itself because i don't know what she looks like, but i KNEW it was her somehow, i guess).

we're kind of off to ourselves, because she's not into big crowds, and she's telling me about all the different anime i need to watch and we squee over shipping possibilities and out of the corner of my eye, i spot rupert grint in this little bookstore across the way (it's in a big mall or something, idk.)

anyway~ i tell sarah, and we both lose our shit appropriately for a minute, and then we decide that we should ask for his autograph. well, i decide. i just kind of make [ profile] icanhaspancake come with me.

so we get in this store, and we see rupert reading a book. we walk past him because we're so nervous that it's stupid, and he kind of notices that we don't stop, so he stops reading and watches us. anyway, we go into this cat and mouse sort of thing: we stalk him, then he stalks us.

but the freakiest part was, when i finally got up the nerve to ask him for his autograph, he was like, "no. because you took too long to ask me." O_o

so yeah, he was basically this huge jerk, which goes against everything i've ever seen or read about him and i was pretty much crushed, and [ profile] icanhaspancake was flailing because i was crushed and she didn't know what to do.

i eventually got over myself and we got ice cream and shuffled back to our little corner and talked about anime some more. and watched this epic game being played on these big monitors. it was some kind of action/adventure extravaganza called "Starkour" or something and it was being played by the creator of the game and EVERYBODY was watching and cheering and whooping like it was a sporting event.

so yeah. it was different.
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chatting with [ profile] icanhaspancake is an enriching experience.

it's not only entertaining. it'd educational.

i now know who paul bettany is. and i'm a better person for it.


also. watching movies with her is epic. it gives birth to awesome like this:

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so [ profile] icanhaspancake realized that we each time we talk, we basically do the chat version of that "you hang up - no you hang up" game.


we're so LAME. i love us.
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this is really just kind of a note to myself.

i am not listening to [ profile] icanhaspancake anymore.

she is a scheming temptress who is obviously trying to kill me with pretty anime boys.

and because i'm such a sucker, i fall for it EVERY. GODDAMNED. TIME.

now it's a series called "GetBackers."

look at Ban and Ginji being all canon and shit. :flails:

i've watched seven episodes of this fucking show already, and i can't stop.

sarah, seriously? i don't know whether to kiss you or hit you right now omg.

i'll probably be making icons tonight. goddammit.
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i don't think [ profile] icanhaspancake and i could ever be together in person.

they'd put us in a home.
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i'm sitting up, waiting for 54 minutes to pass so i can watch the next episode of "yu yu hakusho" on [ profile] icanhaspancake kept raving about it, and i'm so impressionable, so i'm powering through the episodes. i'm all nice and addicted to the show now. fffff thanks a lot, sarah.

i don't quite have a slashy pairing for it yet. but i do have a few prospects.




expect icons soon-ish.
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just finished up a nice long, meaningful chat with [ profile] icanhaspancake.

big things are happening. big things.
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get your eyes over to [ profile] deathnibbler_ff so that you can read [ profile] icanhaspancake's tamaki/kyouya fic, "the corresponding emotion."

it's beautiful and oh god. it's. it actually made me cry.

so. go read it.

"the corresponding emotion"

not just because [ profile] icanhaspancake is my wife, but because it's a stunning piece of work and everyone should go see how gorgeous and amazing it is. and then heap mounds of praise on her and tell her so. ♥
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so, i'm officially obsessed with this pairing.

[ profile] icanhaspancake, jsyk, i blame you.

p.s. - this is the fluffiest fanmix i've ever made.

you are lightning, striking - a tamaki/kyouya fanmix

covers, tracklist + links )
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i have a newish layout to celebrate my newest obsession.

recently, i started watching an anime called "ouran high school host club." i think [ profile] single_path had mentioned it to me a long while ago, but I didn't actually start watching it until hoku turned me on to it.

it's probably the most perfect anime ever for someone like me -- happy and extremely funny, great characterizations and sorta!twincest that i don't even have to make up.

so, i've been loving this show, and NOW, thanks to my new wife, [ profile] icanhaspancake, i have a new pairing to obsess over. tamaki/kyouya. fffff thanks a lot, sarah.

their mommy/daddy love is so canon. i'm really crazy about them.

so, if you see a blond boy and a black-haired boy with glasses anywhere around my journal (and you will), rest easy. it is not draco/harry. it's tamaki and kyouya.
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In 2009, sexyscholar resolves to...
Stop writing with icanhaspancake.
Put fifty boys a month into my savings account.
Keep my ftw clean.
Connect with my inner photoshop.
Go to the muppets every month.
Start a lost fund.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Stop writing with icanhaspancake


but we haven't even started yet! i'll have to break this one, because we will collaborate on, idk, something and it's going to be AMAZING.

Put fifty boys a month into my savings account.

oh man i am such a creeper.

Keep my ftw clean.

but what if my best ftws are the dirty ones?

Connect with my inner photoshop.

i really should keep this one. i miss playing with photoshop.

Go to the muppets every month.

this would be so cool i can't even.

Start a lost fund.

for the millions of people driven crazyinsane by that show? sure.


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