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i had this dream that i was at some big anime/video game convention thing with [ profile] icanhaspancake (which is weird in itself because i don't know what she looks like, but i KNEW it was her somehow, i guess).

we're kind of off to ourselves, because she's not into big crowds, and she's telling me about all the different anime i need to watch and we squee over shipping possibilities and out of the corner of my eye, i spot rupert grint in this little bookstore across the way (it's in a big mall or something, idk.)

anyway~ i tell sarah, and we both lose our shit appropriately for a minute, and then we decide that we should ask for his autograph. well, i decide. i just kind of make [ profile] icanhaspancake come with me.

so we get in this store, and we see rupert reading a book. we walk past him because we're so nervous that it's stupid, and he kind of notices that we don't stop, so he stops reading and watches us. anyway, we go into this cat and mouse sort of thing: we stalk him, then he stalks us.

but the freakiest part was, when i finally got up the nerve to ask him for his autograph, he was like, "no. because you took too long to ask me." O_o

so yeah, he was basically this huge jerk, which goes against everything i've ever seen or read about him and i was pretty much crushed, and [ profile] icanhaspancake was flailing because i was crushed and she didn't know what to do.

i eventually got over myself and we got ice cream and shuffled back to our little corner and talked about anime some more. and watched this epic game being played on these big monitors. it was some kind of action/adventure extravaganza called "Starkour" or something and it was being played by the creator of the game and EVERYBODY was watching and cheering and whooping like it was a sporting event.

so yeah. it was different.
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via from the red carpet:

Other things we learnt from eavesdropping was that Grint gets sent a lot of PJs from fans in Japan. He’s still not sure why, particularly as he’s never mentioned a love of pajamas, and in fact – possibly erotic exclusive alert – he sleeps in the buff.


r-rupert. sleeps. n-n-naked?


i need to go lie down.
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[ profile] wwmrsweasleydo tagged me for this after i whined about wanting to do it so i could play with pretty pictures.

1) list 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(yeah, cuz they're hunting me down. 'hey, you wanna have sex?' 'mmkay, sure.')
2) put all of them in order of your lust for them [5 - 1, 1 is the hottest].
3) say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4) supply photos for said people.
5) tag five people. I THINK YOU ALL SHOULD DO IT.

celebrity skin )
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rupert does stunt training!

(jsyk, it took me twenty minutes to watch this two-minute video.)


ffffff arms and stretching and balance and jumping and dflaskfjakfsj DID I MENTION ARMS?

and why did his face have to LIGHT UP LIKE A FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE AND SHIT when the trainer mentioned that he'd be strapped up in a harness?



so now i'm thinking of that ridiculous dream i had about he and i on the japanese game show and swinging from the ceiling and whatnot. all because HE decides to put on a harness.


and holy snap, can we discuss matt and alfie? that's just nutty how gorgeous they've grown up to be. NUTTY.


i need to lie down.


Nov. 16th, 2009 12:37 pm
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via [ profile] masterofmystery @ [ profile] hbpmoviepics:

tom gets it into his head to interview his castmates on random shit. hilarity ensues.

fffffff i really love tom.

rupert's favorite word is "crevice." i don't know why that makes me all sadkjalkfj but it does.

and they both favor chocolate ice cream above all other foods.

kjflaskfsakfsjla brb shipping tom/rupert in the ice cream van. again.
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rupert grint: from sidekick to sex symbol.

this article says it better and more cohesively than i ever could. :)

really. soph took the words right out of my heart. ♥
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:breaks keyboard in violent keysmashing incident:

via [ profile] masterofmystery, source


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:06 pm
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so. rupert dressed as a droog for hallowe'en.

omg. all my dreams...have come true.


via [ profile] masterofmystery, source
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so. you remember that picture of tom felton from drama magazine that i posted?

guess who else they decided to do a shoot with.

i don't know what to do with myself. )
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so last night, i saw the trailer for this movie, "the boys are back" with clive owen, and i caught a flash of who i totally thought was rupert grint. O_O

and then i kind of went into this mental tirade. i was all, "rupert's in a movie with clive-fucking-owen and i didn't know about it?! but i know nearly everything because i'm sort of a stalker a big fan of his! WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?!"

so i had to look at the trailer again. it's wasn't him, but a kid that looked a lot like him (to me anyway).

and then i was relieved.

but now i'm a little disappointed. i want rupert to be in it.

yeah, idk either.

and i think i'd like this even though it's one of those 'voyage of self-discovery/triumph of the human spirit' movies that i normally hate.

i might have to go see it. despite the glaring lack of rupert. :p
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comment and i will give you a person. find a picture of that person for each category. post the results in your journal.

[ profile] icanhaspancake assigned me rupert grint.

you knew it would happen eventually. )


Aug. 26th, 2009 03:58 pm
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you know how i thought my flist liked me?

well, apparently they don't. they're all just trying to kill me.

first, [ profile] seraphimerising alerts me to this. )

and then [ profile] das_hydra went and posted this. )

i don't know what i did to you guys, but pls don't kill me.

i have kids.


Aug. 24th, 2009 08:34 am
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he's 21, you guys. today.


happy birthday, rupie.

he's legal now. let the smutty dreams commence/continue, subconscious.

[edit: the couple of dreams i've had to date never went further than kissing, so they didn't really get smutty. just smutty-ish. so, from here on, they should just get BETTER. :p]

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rupert is in the latest issue of FHM, which i'd never intended to buy because i thought the article was utter crap.

but. then i saw the pictures.

big pictures. )
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i had another rupert dream last night. oy.

this time, we were on some kind of game show. like the kooky japanese ones you see on banzai. he was on the show for a raising money for a charity, and i was his partner.

wtf. idek.

anyway, there was this one part where we had to swing on a rope from this one platform waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over to this rubbery wall on the other side without falling into a ginormous pit of vanilla ice cream.


the thing is, you have to swing on this rope together. there's a little base that you're both supposed to stand on -- so little that the contestants have to be basically wrapped around each other to fit on it. and you have to cooperate with each other, so you've gotta swing alternately to build up the momentum to get you swinging hard enough that you can get to the other side. and then you have to jump off together.

so rupert leans back...pushes forward, and then i do the same. we go back and forth like this for a few minutes and get a pretty good rhythm going. eventually i have to close my eyes, because all i can see is rupert smiling at me and he's got his arms around me and one of his legs is sort of wedged between mine and i can't concentrate because my heart has pretty much burst out of my chest from beating so hard.

and let's not forget that each time we lean forward/push back we bump pelviseseses. O_O

so i'm pretty much goo on this rope and then he says, "come on, we should do it now." and i'm all, "guhfwaffle?" and he goes, "on my say-so we're gonna jump, okay?" i grip the rope in my hands and go, "no effing way." and he's like, "don't you trust me?" i say, "i trust you -- it's the gravity that makes me leery." so he says, "well, if we don't make it, then we just fall in ice cream, and that's not so bad, right?"

i nod, and he grabs my hand and says, "okay, go!" and we jump. we go flying over this pit and he's still holding my hand and i can't even breathe, and then we hit the rubber wall and bounce off down to the even more rubbery floor.

i'm on my back, and he rolls over so that he's not quite on top of me and he says, "see? i told you we'd make it." i can't say anything, of course, so i just nod. and then.

he lays this ridiculously soft kiss on me. like, so soft that i'm not even sure that it happened. and then he does it again.

and i'm like, "what are you doing?" and he says, "i promised myself i'd kiss you if we made it -- kind of an incentive." he flashes that reason-obliterating grin at me and kisses me once more...

and then my stupid alarm went off and messed everything up. hmph.

i'm insane.
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in the midst of my torchwood depression, i should have known that i could count on my boys.

they don't let me down. )


Jul. 4th, 2009 06:14 pm
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oh noes!

brb getting on a plane to england to make him some chicken soup


May. 21st, 2009 01:15 pm
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:holds onto something for fear that she may wibble over:

ok. i'm getting excited about this movie again.


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