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She blinded me with SCIENCE!

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I'm very tempted to get this for the Ky...


Jul. 27th, 2005 08:05 pm
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Folks have been asking both [ profile] fmh and I about baby registries (those "please buy us things" list). I've managed to set up two of them; hopefully these here linkies will work.

You know. Should you choose to look or something.

From here on out, they'll be on my info page. :)

Babies R Us
Target (Tar-j'ay)
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So far, I've only had two of these. People keep telling me they're "normal." They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

Anyway. The first one I had several weeks ago. I dreamt that I'd given birth to Ky -- labor went well and everything. He came out an average-sized newborn, but while the nurses were cleaning him up, he grew up to be, like, 3 years old. Nobody seemed to think this was odd but me.

The most recent preggo dream I had last night. We were at a party, or something, because there were people everywhere. I was very close to my due date, I think. Went to rub my stomach and felt a foot. Not thru the skin, mind you, but actually sticking out of my stomach. O_o

I touched his foot, and it twitched. I'd tickled him.

So I go over to [ profile] fmh, who's reading a book (not surprising for him, mind you, to be at a party and have a book with him). I put his hand on the baby's foot and he just nods and mumbles, "mhmm" and keeps reading his book. o_O

I figure (don't ask me why) that this must be normal. Otherwise, he'd have panicked, right? Right.

So I start walking, and I head down a hallway with paintings. And Ky is talking to me thru my stomach. Apparently he can see too, because he asks me who did a particular painting. I tell him that Grandpa did that one.

Neither [ profile] fmh's dad nor mine are particularly artistically inclined, so it must have been part of some kind of therapy.


If you like Motown, you should look for "Motown Remixed." My dad brought it to my attention the other day, and I've been listening to it ever since. The DJ Smash remix of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder The Hotsnax remix of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' "Tears of a Clown" is no slouch either. Yeah. Check it out if you have the opportunity.

I'm always late on these things, but I just found out about the [ profile] potterpuffs. Cutest thing evar. Honest.

Edit: Dumbledore-Puff is the cutest thing ever. Thought I'd clarify that.

I hope everyone had a decent weekend. Cheers!


Jun. 7th, 2005 03:34 pm
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OMG. Look at Kieran's big ole haid. )
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Blobby alien baby-type-thing will be named "Kieran Donovan Bain."

We likes it.

It's kinda funny, though. "Kieran" means "small and dark-skinned." "Donovan" means "dark warrior".

So. He'll be our small, dark warrior.

Makes me want to dress him up as a Black Panther for Halloween.
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OMG, but this is so cute.

Forget the little bugger, I want these for me!

Oh. And speaking of baby shtuff...

[Poll #501093]
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Well, everybody knows we're having a boy. I've posted about it ad nauseum, if you ask me, but I need some advice.

I can't think of a middle name.

Granted, I've got, like, forever to go before I meet this kid, but I'd like to have some names in mind.

His name will be Kieran Bain. What the hell do you put in the middle of that?

Any ideas?
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I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything is going like clockwork. Maybe now I can let go of this fear that the baby died and somehow I didn't know it.

But ja, Ferdinand/Ferdinanda (not real name possibilities, just how my parents referred to me before I was born) ees goot. A very active baby at only a little over 3 months. You can make out that he/she/it's a baby...or at least baby shaped. His/her/its arms and legs were just a'going.

I swear...the baby was dancing. ♥

Overall, things are good with zee pregnancy.

In other news, my cat went and got himself stuck up a tree. No. Really.

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Last Thursday, I'd had a pretty good day, all things considered. I felt good, I wasn't really tired, I was in a good mood most of the day. Then, around 10:00 that night, after [ profile] mightyafrodite dropped me off at home, and I'd kissed the kids goodnight, I went to the bathroom to find out that I was bleeding. Not spotting, but bleeding. Not only was I bleeding, but I passed a ginormous clot. At least, it was ginormous to me. It was the size of a small egg.

Naturally, I was scared out of my fracking skull.

I called U of M Triage, and they asked me a couple of questions about what I was experiencing. Um. I'm BLEEDING AND I PASSED A HUGE &*($)#! CLOT!

They said they would have a nurse call me right back. Ok.


*not getting a response soon enough*

*calls back* "Um, I called just a few minutes ago, the nurse was supposed to call me backandshedidn'tandIneedtotalktosomeonesotheycancalmmedownPLEASE!"

Basically, they ask me how heavy is the bleeding, what color it is, if I'm having any cramping, etc. The bleeding was heavy enough for me to panic, but I was having no cramping. They tell me to keep check on it, and if I start cramping, or soak thru a pad in less than an hour, get my ass to Mars to the emergency room.

So I keep check, and I wait, and I'm still panicking. So [ profile] fmh suggests that we just go to the ER to confirm that everything is okay. Otherwise, I wouldn't get any sleep.

Go to the ER, they run all sorts of tests. They do two different ultrasounds, and they confirm that the baby is indeed alive and blobbing. (That's about what it looks like right now. A blobby thing.) We even get to hear the heartbeat. It sounds like a washing machine...

...this is the most wonderful sound in a world, y0.

[ profile] fmh is wonderful. He does his best to keep me calm thru the whole ordeal. He makes me laugh, which really is the best medicine for me. He played cool, calm and collected, but I'm sure he was worried too. Though he's been a father twice over, it doesn't make moments like this any easier. I loveth him.

They tell me to call my OB in the morning to see if I can get an appointment any sooner than the 28th (my original first prenatal visit). Rescheduled it for Monday (yesterday). The whole thing is diagnosed as a "threatened abortion."


At my appointment yesterday, we go thru the tests again. They also do another ultrasound as well as a pelvic exam and determine that everything looks good. They are able to pinpoint the source of the bleeding -- they called it "implantation bleeding." Apparently, this happens when the placenta is attaching itself to the uterus. It's normal, they tell me.

*sigh of relief*

So, I had a scare, but both me and the baby are well. My next prenatal visit is April 4th, with my First Trimester Screening on April 5th.

Busy days ahead, I'd wager.
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I'm pregnant.



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