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2031-05-11 11:57 pm
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friends only.

friends only.

i'm not a pretentious dick, honest. i just like knowing who's hanging about.

fics and artsy things are public.

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2011-12-25 12:19 pm
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to everyone,

may your holiday season be filled with blessings.

love, mona
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2011-11-24 01:36 pm
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2011-07-18 11:16 am
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music: the lonely island - turtleneck & chain

album: turtleneck & chain
format: zip; mediafire

just. yes.

tracklist + link )

comments are love. let me know if you have any problems. enjoy! ♥
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2011-01-07 12:33 am
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last year, i wrote stuff.

so, my other half did this, and i was curious to tally up and see just how much i'd written during 2010.

so here goes. )
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2010-09-23 05:15 pm
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ficlet: atwt - luke/reid - artemis, pg

Title: Artemis
Author: Mona ([ profile] sexyscholar)
Rating: PG
Summary: Slice-of-life fic. Luke and Reid have a dog. TRAIN? WHAT TRAIN?
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own the boys. Things wouldn't have gone so pear-shaped in my hands.
A/N: Okay, so I was supposed to be writing fluffy-ish smut, and this tumbled out instead. IDK. I wrote it in like, a half-hour. Unbeta'ed -- all f**k-ups are mine alone.

meatstick. )
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2010-09-02 05:21 pm


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2010-09-01 04:45 pm


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2010-08-30 01:11 pm
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guess what i do for adventure? i hand glide on a dorito.


i laughed until i cried. no, really.
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2010-08-27 07:55 pm

meme tiems again

comment and i'll give you four fandoms and you will tl;dr about your favorite pairings.

[ profile] icanhaspancake gave me harry potter, one piece, yu yu hakusho and as the world turns.

tl;dr )
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2010-08-25 11:31 pm
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oh hai.

haha shitty camera phone is shitty, but this is the best picture i've taken in a long while.

i love how kieran is all, "w/e, i don't even know this woman."

i. have fangs. O_o
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2010-08-25 09:50 am
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stolen from [ profile] popfiend:

i love your _____ (fill in the blank).

tell me tell me what you love about me.

because i am needy today, okay.

and then post this in your journal so i can tell you what i love about you.
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2010-08-24 04:23 pm
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2010-08-23 05:15 pm

to my local peeps

how do you feel about seeing 'inception' this weekend maybe?


so. anybody in?
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2010-08-20 12:53 pm

cry me a river


so, on top of the worst head cold i've ever had, my period decides to start today.


this is how i feel about most of my whole life right now.

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2010-08-20 08:51 am
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i'd kind of made a promise to myself that i wasn't going to post so much atwt-related stuff on my lj (because i'm so obsessed with luke and reid that it really is unhealthy), but i couldn't resist this.

omg. how could you NOT ship luke/casey? they're the most adorable fucking thing ever.

i want casey to wake up and realize that the reason he's had such crap luck with women is because he's secretly always been in love with luke.

and then he, luke and reid can have amazing threesomes forever and ever.


(thank you, [ profile] newssodark for the link!)
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2010-08-18 08:54 pm
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Writer's Block: Living the dream

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dream job?

pffft. directing gay porn.

what else could it be?~

no really. dream job?

probably something involving singing or graphic design.