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doomed from the start, as lovers are - a charles/erik fanmix

pfft. so this? probably the most amibitious fanmix i've ever made. it all started last week when i listened to the song, "in the glass" by ok go. and i started thinking about when charles is shot at the beach and erik rushes to his side (aka the divorce scene) and they have this really bittersweet "i will always love you but i just can't tell you that" moment, and the song is screaming out, "MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?" and. it was so utterly erik at that moment that it made me weep.

and then i knew that i had to make a fanmix. :) but i wanted to have a "disc" from both erik's AND charles' point of view.

so this is really two fanmixes i guess?

"tuned to find you" is charles' disc. it's more upbeat and breezy, but wholly sincere. in my head, charles has this deep-seated need to protect and care for erik, and is hurt when erik shuts him out. "fallen for your notion" is erik's disc. it's darker and kind of bitter. he's angry and resentful because charles dares to care about him, making him feel trapped, but at the same time, there's a part of erik that's so broken and needy and selfish for charles' attention.

just. adfslfjal.

anyway. here it is. my first fanmix in over a year. eep.

tuned to find you // charles

fallen for your notion // erik

o1. the boy least likely to ; hugging my grudge
and when i hold you in my arms
it scares me just to
think that something so beautiful
could just come apart in my hands.

o1. nightmare of you ; my name is trouble
so this is the last time
that i'll hold your hand
i want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you
i'm your biggest fan

o2. the decemberists ; here i dreamt i was an architect
and i am nothing of a builder
but here i dreamt i was an architect
and i built this balustrade
to keep you home, to keep you safe

o2. the kills ; nail in my coffin
i am no better at this than you are
loneliness never truly leaves me alone
i have made mistakes i can't take back home
i love you just not the way you want

o3. ra ra riot ; can you tell?
oh baby, what am i supposed to do?
it's hard to stay cool.
oh when you smile at me
and i can notice every time you speak

o3. the smiths ; please please please let me get what i want
good times for a change
see, the luck i've had
can make a good man
turn bad

o4. the national ; lucky you
every time you get a drink
and every time you go to asleep
are those dreams inside you head
is there sunlight on your bed

o4. angus & julia stone ; lonely hands
you took me in
gave me something to believe in
that big old smile is all you wore make me want to feel

o5. the magnetic fields ; the way you say goodnight
you've got a devastating point of view
and everything you say is true
you're beautiful

o5. train ; eggplant
scarlet your eyes, cover your face
if i could dance, or stay in this place
i would be king and you would be mine
i would be day and you would be time

o6. the acorns ; antenna
the body speaks in chemicals,
a song and dance not visible
but i've been told don't go looking
'cause the tune was tuned to find you

o6. sia ; lentil
you saw me
as i wish the whole world would
you would never hurt me, desert me or work me
for all the things you thought you could

o7. arctic monkeys ; old yellow bricks
you are the fugitive
but you dont know what you're runnin' from
You cant kid us
and you couldnt trick anyone

o7. electric president ; feathers
so you know where i'm from
and you know just what i've done and what i've seen
and what i will become if i'm cut free
and you are not to blame for what happens to me

o8. bjork ; bachelorette
i'm a tree that grows hearts
one for each that you take
you're the intruder hand
i'm the branch that you break

o8. ok go ; in the glass
it was clear and bright, like a midwinter sunlight
my heartbeat counting down a moment, precise and quiet
i looked out and saw my own reflection helpless
i looked out and saw him overwhelmed and helpless

o9. sondre lerche ; ricochet
rehashing the wounded patriarch
on a tattered throne with a broken heart
from a home where you don't earn your stripes
you have to demand your rights

o9. johnny cash ; hurt
i wear this crown of thorns
upon my liar's chair
full of broken thoughts
i cannot repair

1o. patrick wolf ; armistice
trust all the years you'll wait to find
this man who's loved you your whole life
so come closer
closer to where we belong

1o. the drums ; down by the water
i know it's hard
i know it's hard to be in this forever
if they stop loving you, i won't stop loving you
if they stop needing you, i'll still need you, my dear

.zip ¤¤ 47.73 MB

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ajkldfs thank you, [ profile] sixtieshairdo, for all your help while i was putting this whole thing together. ♥

please comment! it makes my world go 'round.

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