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comment and i'll give you four fandoms and you will tl;dr about your favorite pairings.

[ profile] icanhaspancake gave me harry potter, one piece, yu yu hakusho and as the world turns.

okay, so i guess i got really serious about this meme. look at the pretty pictures.

Harry Potter ♥ Ron/Draco

I didn't finally fall into the HP fandom until 2004, but once I did get into it, I was so hooked omg. Ron Weasley was easily my favorite character in the books, and I remember getting a special little jolt when I read the little interactions between him and Draco Malfoy. Like. To me it was so CLEAR that they liked each other and absolutely hated each other for it. Like, "How dare you make me like you, you spotted peasant?" And "I hate that I like you so much, you pointy, slimy ferret!" *flails*

And they would both would go out of their way to antagonize each other. You know who does that? Little kids in school do that WHEN THEY HAVE CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER. Oh, and then came Book 5 when Draco got it into his head that he needed to pen a song about how awful Ron was at Quidditch. HE WROTE A SONG ABOUT RON. AND KEPT MAKING UP NEW VERSES FOR IT.


And then of course there's all the ways how they compliment each other -- Draco has money, Ron wants money. Draco wants attention, Ron is the supporter. They're just so meant to be together. ♥

One Piece ♥ Zoro/Sanji

I'm new to this pairing, so this tl;dr might not be;dr, I guess. BUT. They're another one of those pairings that it so obvious that it picks you up and smacks you about the face. Zoro and Sanji are total and equal BAD ASSES who can fuck your shit all up. Sanji's a pervert and soft on girls and Zoro teases him about it. Zoro can be kind of an idiot sometimes, and has a really terrible sense of direction and Sanji teases him about it. They're on each other's level. Neither of them will ever give in, or give up. And at the end of the day they're just completely cool and easybreezyjapanese-y with each other. It's hot to watch.

Yu Yu Hakusho ♥ Hiei/Kurama

ASLJAKDF THESE TWO. Hiei/Kurama is quite possibly the most obvious ship EVER. In any fandom. They compliment each other perfectly. Hiei is cold and detached and doesn't let anything get to him. Kurama is quiet and caring and (almost) distressingly humanistic at times. And they care so much for each other, it's stupid. Like, okay. With Hiei? Nearly everything he does is with an air of, "yeahsurefinewhatever, but don't come looking to me to help you if you go off and do something stupid." UNLESS IT'S KURAMA THAT'S IN TROUBLE, and then it's "*gasp* igottagosavemybb!"

Okay, so it's never that blatant, of course, but it's definitely implied. xD

And then Kurama. *flails* He would just give his life for Hiei if it came down to it. HE WOULD. Demons in love.

But the stupid anime producers went and fucked it all up in the last episode. Okay. There's a part where Hiei gives Kurama his necklace that HE ALWAYS WEARS that is like, the last part he has of his heritage and he needs it to help him find his sister, and Kurama says some bullshit about how he doesn't like Hiei "that way" and it's so completely unnecessary because if they didn't love each other then they wouldn't have had to say anything like that. Stupid anime homophobe producers. *fumes*

But yeah. Hiei and Kurama are lovers. It's canon, and you can't change my mind. Oh. And that art of them I posted? That's not fanart. THAT'S CANON. DRAWN BY THE CREATOR, OKAY.

As The World Turns ♥ Luke/Reid

(gorgeous picspam by [ profile] comeoctober. thank you for letting me use it, bb!)

OH THESE TWO. Luke and Reid are. *flails* They are so goddamned amazing together that I'm in awe of them. Luke is young, but has already survived so much (kidney transplant, paralysis, kidnapping). He's spoiled and yet is the most giving person ever. Reid is cold, he's methodical. He's snappy and sharp-edged and detached.

Luke teaches Reid how to love, Reid teaches Luke how to stand up for himself. Neither of them were the "perfect man" for the other, but they fell completely in love anyway. They may not have been what they thought they wanted. But they were exactly what they needed.

They're scorching together. Full of passion and heart and laughter (I've never seen Luke smile so much with anyone, omg). They were the most amazing couple in the history of ever, and they would have continued to be, had the show not been ending.

But it is. And the writers have elected to give us THE SHITTIEST ENDING EVER to what's been a fucking epic story.

I can't get tl;dr about this one, because as much as I love them, if I keep going, I'm going to fucking cry and crying over this would be really stupid, because it's a fucking soap opera.

So I'm going to totally cry over the ending. And then shrug it off and fix it all with fanfiction. *nods*
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